A board of directors for any membership association or non-profit organization helps to define the character, vision and future of the group, and choosing the right members for your board can be a challenge.

In the selection process, you should keep these key competencies in mind so your board of directors is fully equipped for success:

Group Skills – As defined in a study by Mark Engle, CAE, and Will Brown, Ph.D., group skills keep a board of directors unified. Without good group work, a board can fall apart and board members will lose sight of the ultimate goal in the midst of friction caused by personal advancement, individual goals, and favored projects.

Technical Skills – A board member should have a complete and deep understanding of their field and the organization so that they can make informed decisions throughout the governance process. As a group, a board of directors should have diverse backgrounds and life experiences as well, to bring more points of view and create a more complete perspective.

Capacity – While a board member candidate may seem highly qualified in all other aspects, if they do not have the necessary time available to complete their duties, they will not be a good fit for the board.

Diversity & Inclusion – Ensuring that people of diverse backgrounds, identities, abilities, perspectives, and beliefs have an equal opportunity to lead and contribute to the organization will increase the cultural competence of the Board.

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