As a nonprofit organization, training new volunteers is one of the main priorities. Almost as important as fundraising and recruitment, and doubly important when the volunteer is prospectively in leadership training to become a board member.

Many volunteer training programs, for program and committee volunteers and board members alike, are done on a case by case basis. Also, they are often conducted in-person, informally, and with varying degrees of efficacy. Without proper documentation, procedures, and training materials, your organization’s ability to accomplish its mission becomes compromised.

That is why it is important to consolidate, streamline, and even add branding and aesthetics to your organization’s training materials. Especially with safer-at-home policies still in effect, training your volunteers virtually through webinars, presentations, and other documentations is sensible. There are ways to ensure that every volunteer member and volunteer board member is fully equipped and prepared to handle their entrusted expectations and responsibilities while also feeling included, connected, and a valued part of the team.

For help with compiling these training documents, organizing engaging and effective virtual training, and creating other important procedures for your nonprofit organization, contact Sage & Rosemary Consulting today. The CAE certified coach on staff is eager to help you manage your organization’s governance as smoothly as possible.