Sage and Rosemary Consulting Principal, Stacy De La O, is a CAE certified and experienced transformational leader who can assist with interim operational management during an Executive Director or CEO search.

There are many changes happening in 2020 that affect our overall economy as well as membership associations and non-profit organizations specifically. Many organizations are dealing with disruptions in operations and may need to search for new leadership to guide their adjusted vision and goals based on the economic upheaval and social transformation we face.

While in this transitional phase, it is important to find the appropriate match for your CEO or Executive Director position. You want someone who is not only experienced and impressive on their resume, but also a leader who is accustomed to radical transformation and the all-important pivot. Taking the time to make sure that your future leader can handle any unexpected changes that come their way is now more important than ever.

As you are searching for the perfect leader for your organization, consider Sage & Rosemary Consulting and the experience of Stacy De La O, CAE,  as a temporary executive while you find the perfect, more permanent, fit. Contact us today for more information.