For non-profit organizations and membership associations alike, a comprehensive policy review is important to make sure that all your systems, policies, and procedures are up to date and appropriate for the growth and circumstances that your organization faces. The important question to ask, though, is how often should these policy reviews happen?

The frequency of your policy reviews will depend on the age and growth of your organization and the needs that you face within both your leadership team and the members and volunteers you manage.

If you are a newer non-profit organization that is starting out, a policy review may need to happen on a rolling basis as new situations and issues arise. An older association that has been around for decades and longer may need a policy review less often since the policies have had time to be perfected along the way.

The best measure of when you need a comprehensive policy review is when you find that your policies are no longer adequate for the circumstances you are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

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