CEOs and board members must work together very closely within non-profit organizations and member associations in order to achieve the purpose and vision of the organization and better serve the community they hope to support. The issues of governance do not pertain only to the board of directors, but also to executive leadership and the relationship that they share with one another.

This is why a rocky relationship with CEOs or Executive Directors and their governance board can be an impediment to the organization as a whole. You should be working to improve the situation because an improved relationship can ease the implementation of any policy changes and unify the organization as a whole.

While it is difficult to outline a policy for board-executive relationships, improving the communication, attitudes, and culture of the organization starts with this relationship. The experts at Sage & Rosemary Consulting have a lot of experience with coaching the CEO or Executive Directors of membership associations and non-profit organizations to help improve their relationship with board members individually and as a whole.

Etiquette, politics, and empathy are all easily navigable with the one-on-one coaching that the expert certified governance consultants at Sage & Rosemary Consulting can provide.