As a membership association or non-profit organization, your volunteer leadership training may center on the board of directors who directly contribute to the governance of your organization. But what if you’re missing a piece of the governance puzzle?

Your board of directors must be highly functioning in order to properly lead your organization to sustainable growth, but your committees and task forces are just as important for effective governance.

The board depends on the committees and task forces to fulfill their assigned key strategies so that the organization can be fully effective, efficient, and consistent from the top down.

Without a functional task force to complete the objectives that the board of directors has outlined for their annual strategies, board members must micro-manage these task forces and committees, which limits their ability to create new objectives and project toward future goals.

At Sage & Rosemary Consulting, we can help you organize your team, and streamline procedures and processes that will increase the health and functionality of your volunteer committees and task forces.

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